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About Us

Legend Consultancy is a manufacturing business consulting firm with extensive experience, devoted to helping businesses across the globe create and capture more value. For over 50 years, Legend Consultancy has worked with firms and businesses around the world, helping them optimize their business operations and transform their outsourcing and logistics into a simpler process.


Every business has a unique need and requirement.

By engaging the entire workplace, we create a culture which strive to provide you with service that can fulfil your requirements at a high standard.

The process starts with a clear understanding of your requirements and objectives.

We then conduct a market research and negotiate competitive prices from the top vendors and manufacturers.

Ongoing communication with honesty and guidance at every stage ensures that each of your requirements are achieved.

We have delivered cost effective and efficient plans for a wide range of businesses and manufacturers from product specification to product installation.

We know our clients’ brands inside and out to create bespoke campaigns that bring the brand story to life, engage with consumers and inspire the media.

Our experience

Negotiation 87%
Business Services 75%
Consumer Products 63%
Sourcing Process 95%

Our core values


We believe that nothing is more important than our reputation,        and behaving with the highest levels of integrity is fundamental to who we are.

Strength From Cultural Diversity

We believe that working with people of different backgrounds, cultures, and thinking styles helps our people grow into better professionals and leaders.

We Are Committed To Our Communities

We act as responsible corporate citizens by broadening our skills, experience and perspectives through work in our communities and protecting the environment.

We Are Open And Honest In Our Communication

We share information, insight and advice frequently and constructively and manage tough situations with courage and candor.

Our clients

Our clients include many of the world’s best-performing and most sourcing companies, manufacturers , and industry organizations.

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