Türkiye’s construction machinery sector increases capacity

Türkiye’s construction equipment sector worked by increasing its production capacity in 2022 in order to keep up with the intense domestic and international demands, a prominent sector representative has said.

“Although 2022 was a difficult year for the real estate sector trying to recover from the impact of the pandemic, efforts for production, export, and employment continued uninterruptedly,” Nadir Akgün, chairman of the board of directors of Türkiye Construction Equipment Distributors and Manufacturers Association (İMDER), said.

“As the Turkish construction machinery sector, we worked hard to meet the intense domestic and international demands in 2022. We are faced with growing demand every day,” he added. “We are trying to keep up with the demands by increasing our production capacity and working hours.”

Akgün noted that the Turkish market ranks fifth in Europe in terms of volume.

“Türkiye is the third fastest growing country on average for the last decade with its growth rate,” he said. “We export to 133 countries in total, especially in Europe, Middle East, Russia, North Africa and Central Asia markets.”

İMDER is working to have a say in the transformation process in the global economy, Akgün said.

“There are important changes in the global economy such as digitalization, climate change and changes in supply chains,” he added. “In order to have a say in the transformation process, we are shaping our road map with ‘Digitalization, Zero Carbon Footprint and Sharing Economy’ models.”

The “third International Construction and Material Handling Machinery Congress and Rental Summit” will be held in Istanbul Haliç Congress Center on Oct. 3 and 4, Akgün said.

“The summit will be held with the participation of approximately 1,000 senior sector representatives and bureaucrats from more than 55 different countries and over 200 national and international companies,” he added.